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What is a Studio Apartment?

A studio apartment is a self-contained apartment in which normal functions of rooms are combined into a single living space.

What Does Studio Apartment Mean?

Wikipedia says, “A studio apartment, also known as a studio flat, a self-contained apartment, efficiency apartment, bed-sitter or bachelor apartment, is a small apartment in which the normal functions of a number of rooms – often the living room, bedroom, and kitchen – are combined into a single room.”

What is a Studio Apartment vs One Bedroom?

ApartmentGuide says the biggest difference between a one-bedroom apartment and a studio is that an apartment has a separate bedroom whereas a studio does not.

How Much Does a Studio Apartment Cost?

On average, a studio apartment costs about $400 to $2000 with average renters spending about $750 to rent a studio apartment according to GoDownSize.

What is a Good Size Studio Apartment?

A good size studio apartment will usually be about 500 to 600 square feet. Anything smaller than that starts to get a little bit tight for space.

According to ApartmentGuide, “Studio apartments usually max out at a total of 600 square feet but can get as small as 300 square feet. The smaller the space, the more creative you’ll become in finding storage and places for all your things.”

How To Find a Studio Apartment

The 8 ways to find an apartment include:

  1. Share Your Apartment
  2. Work Around the Most Popular Moving Season’s
  3. Have Questions For The Prospective Landlord
  4. New Apartment Buildings Can Be Affordable
  5. Ask About the Floors Between The Lowest and the Highest Levels
  6. Don’t Wait To Fill Out Apartment Applications
  7. Negotiate On Fixer Upper Apartments
  8. Choose to Live Without the Amenities

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