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Apartments in Pflugerville Under $700

You cannot find an apartment in Pflugerville, TX for under 700. According to, there is only a townhome and a house for rent under $700.

Apartments in Pflugerville Under $800

Apartment Home Living has 12 listings for apartments under $800, but doesn’t list a single apartment that’s actually in Pflugerville, TX. All of their listings are for Austin or Round Rock, Texas.

Apartments in Pflugerville Under $900

Apartment Guide lists 25 apartments for under $900 but once again all of their listings are in Austin or Round Rock, TX.

Apartments in Pflugerville Under $1,000

Rent starts at about $1,000 in Pflugerville, TX and can go as high as $1,800 for most apartments in the area. This is where all of the new apartment complexes are being built. Pflugerville is a great middle point between Round Rock and North Austin, Texax, according to ApartmentList.

Free Apartment Locators in Pflugerville, TX

Free apartment locators in Pflugerville, TX will find an apartment for you, free of charge, with no strings attached. Our free apartment locating service helps you find an apartment easy and makes the move in process cheaper than ever before with our many Pflugerville move-in specials we offer.